JULY 13TH - 15TH 2012


TIGJam (or The Indie Game Jam) in an event where participants rapidly develop games over 48 hours. There is a heavy focus on collaboration, as there is no competition and no compulsory theme. Jammers are more than welcome to work on their own projects, but the usual idea is to make something new!

So what are you waiting for?

We're bringing you 48 hours of fantastic jamming goodness for the very generous price of zero dollars, so there's no reason not to come!


The jam will take place at Inspire9 - a wonderful creative space which is directly opposite Richmond station (which takes mere minutes to get to from the heart of the Melbourne).

Level 1, 41 Stewart Street, Richmond


Computers won't be available at the venue, so make sure you bring your own with all the necessary software installers/updates (a jam is not the place to be downloading things!). A laptop computer is also recommended for streamlined jamming, although desktop setups are okay too.


The venue will be open for the whole duration of the jam, and there is a designated sleeping area for people staying for the weekend. There are also shower and bathroom facilities, and you will need to bring your own survival gear for the weekend (deodorant, change of clothes, toothbrush, sleeping bag, deodorant, towel, etc.)


Inspire9 is just one train stop away from Flinders Street station and is located directly outside Richmond station. It's on the first floor of the building with elevator access.

Help make TIGJam even more amazing! You'll
be thanked with nice words and high-fives!