TIGJam Australia

Games made at TIGJam Australia 2017

Here's a non-comprehensive list of the games that were made or worked on at TIGJam Australia 2017. Some of the closing presentations are not yet viewable as we're waiting on permission to distribute them publicly.

If you attended TIGJam and gave a closing presentation, please get in touch with us if it's okay to publicly distribute videos of your closing presentation. We're still waiting to hear back from quite a few people.

"This is not a VR game"

Chad Toprak Closing presentation

A VR game where you put the headset on but all you see is black, you still have to perform and entertain the audience.

Concrete Boots

Ben, Charlie, Will View on itch.io Closing presentation

'You've just been dumped into the ocean. Your feet concreted.
How you got here and why you're here don't matter.
You are going to die.
How will you spend your last breath alive?'


Ben and Jess View on itch.io Gameplay video Video timelapse Closing presentation

Outwit magical creatures that you meet on your journey. A digital card game.

Zombie Squad

June Rhodes View on itch.io

One person plays as an overlord and 4 other players play as a squad; by building walls and zombie spawners the overlord aims to defend 3 points while the squad tries to destroy them in under 5 minutes.

An Open Letter

Rose and Eleanor View on itch.io Closing presentation

You have awoken in a forest, and are faced with a difficult choice. Choose wisely.


Tom Closing presentation

A drawing game

Wayward Hand

Wayward Strand View on itch.io

A game made in 48 hours at TIGjam by the Wayward Strand team, and set in the Wayward Strand universe!


Jeff and Jean View on itch.io Closing presentation

An experimental 2D game with dynamic lights and shadows.

Great Cosmic Caucus

Barnaby R.W. Closing presentation